About stämps

What is stämps?

stämps is an app for iOS and Android smartphones. The app is a further development of a bonus card, like it is used in restaurants, shops or other businesses. Usually, the customer collects stamps for buying a product, and eventually gets a reward for their loyalty. In our app, businesses can register to offer their customers digital bonus cards. Our partners get a wooden stamp, which allows them to "stamp" the customer's phone. So just like ordinary bonus cards, but without the "forgot-it-at-home", the "lost-it" or the thick purse.

How does stämps work?

All of our partners have one (or several) bonus cards in our app. They can personalize their cards, and update them with any information. The heart of the app is the stamping process. This is done with a wooden stamp with an NFC chip. If you take part, you get one of those, which enables you to stamp your customers’ bonus cards—just like you would with a paper card. The phone recognizes your stamp contact free, and matches it to your business within a moment, so that the correct bonus card gets stamped.

What is your mission?

That stämps helps reducing the paper trash by digitizing this process, and helping your purse stay slim, is only a side effect of our philosophy. We care about innovative solutions, and aim to show that apps can offer a real alternative to analogue topics, by placing the user in the center of our ideas, and designing all processes around them. This includes an honest pricacy philosophy as well as a playful approach, which makes the stamping not only useful, but also fun.

Who are you?

As an institute for different topics of the digital world, we look for useful solutions for a successful digitization, while keeping everything as comforting as possible, without losing the fascination for the real world. In doing so, hybrids like stämps are created, which make the world a bit more sustainable, open and friendlier.

For Partners

How do I take part?

You can register on this site as a partner, to have your bonus card appear in stämps. We will send you a package with NFC stamp, promo and info material, and you can start straight away.

What are my benefits by using stämps?

Our partners especially like that stämps is a tool that helps attracting new users, and building up regular customers. Other than paper bonus cards, the partners don't have to care about printing or designing, as well as the stamp itself. They have immediate access to an extensive editor, which helps them create their own bonus card. Once set up, stämps works just as easy as a paper bonus card, but with the benefits of the digital world.

What are the profits of a digital bonus card?

stämps is not only a bonus card, but also a tool for customer loyalty. You can choose from a variety of possibilities how to stay in contact with new or old customers, or even aim to a new group of potention customers by sending scratch cards. You can update your bonus card with the latest news or information, and send out gifts or vouchers. stämps contains its own shop system, that you can attach to your bonus card. That all, plus an extensive analyzing tool.

Will my customers sacrifice with their personal data?

No! stämps does not collect any personal data, and requires no sign up.

What do my customers have to do?

To be able to use your digital bonus card, your customers need the stämps app from the App Store or the Play Store. It only has the size of 2 photos, and can be downloaded on site in most cases. When the customer opens the app, they only need to push the red stamp button, and get "stamped" by your wooden stamp.

How much effort does stämps need to be set up?

Despite lots of possibilities, stämps is super easy to use. The set up of a bonus card only takes between 5 – 10 minutes, and then you are ready to stamp. No further effort from here on. Everything else, like special actions, shop system and analysis, is optional, and can help you build up regular customers.

How much effort does stämps need to be used?

Our premiss is that stämps is as quickly and easily integrated into your workflow as a paper bonus card. On customer side, this means that, as soon as the app is open, you can stamp—no signing up, no logging in. Not even your bonus card has to be opened—the app will find and load it as soon as it recognizes your stamp. That even works without internet.
On partner side, this means that all you have to do is move the stamp towards the phone, after the customer presses the red button. This way, a stamping process only takes a few seconds. For customers without the app, see the next point.

What if the customer doesn’t have the app, or no NFC?

For customers that either haven’t loaded the app yet, or whose device hasn’t got NFC, we placed small cards with codes in the starter pack, that you can give your customers. By scanning the QR code, or typing the code into the field in the app, a stamp for your card will be given.

How safe is stämps?

Through the unique code of your NFC stamp, it is linked to your account, and effectively unforgeable. Our app checks all processes in the background and saves them on the phone as well as on the server.

What are the analysis functions?

Despite our promise to never process personal data, we are offering extensive analysis tools. This way, you can always see, how many stamps have been stamped when, and thereby, when your business is running best or how many rewards are still open. The fine analysis also gives you the opportunity to create campaigns especially for regular customers, or to give vouchers to those who haven't visited you for a while.

What does stämps cost?

In the first 5 months, stämps is free, to give you enough time to introduce it to your customers, and to convince you of all its features. After that phase, it costs from only 5 € per month, and is expandable with different modules. You can see all prices on the partner site.
For your customers, of course stämps is free.

For Users

How do I get stämps?

You can find stämps for free in the App Store and Play Store.

How can I use it if my device has no NFC function?

Our partners have small cards with a code, that you can scan in stämps to get their stamp.

Are you selling my data?

No! Wir are not collecting any personal data, and will never do that in the future. stämps works without a registration or link to an account. More information about that in out privacy policy.

What is your business model?

For the customers, stämps is absolutely free and anonymous. Our partners are paying a fee to take part.

During the Usage

Where can the customers find my bonus card?

First: To get your stamp, your customers do not have to have already downloaded your bonus card. It is enough to press the red stamp button, and holding the stamp near the phone. It will find and download your card automatically, and give them a stamp.
If your customers want to download your bonus card already before they visit you, they can find a list of all partners in the search tab. By downloading your card, they "subscribe" to you.

How can I reach my customers via stämps?

You can inform every user that has your bonus card about anything you would like them to know. When you publish something, like your daily menu, it will appear on the backside of your card, like a tiny Instagram. If you want, you can inform your customers with a push notification about your campaign. You can also publish something only for a special group of customers, like those who visit you regularly.

How can I reach somebody who does not own my bonus card?

If you want to quickly reach many new potential customers, you can do so with scratch cards. First you choose what you want to give away—that can be stamps or a voucher—and then you send those presents as scratch cards to users within a self defined radius. Those users will get a push notification with your gift.
After registering a new business, you will also be on top of the list with a "new" tag for users that own bonus cards within a radius of 30km.

How is the list being sorted?

The more stamps a business gives away, the higher they are shown in the list.

We got confused with a stamping process.

In the menu, you can find the history, that contains every process. If a process did not work, for example because your customer has an old version, it will be noted here. If you stamped them too often by accident, you can delete the last stamps here, too.

The Bluecode registration process is being cancelled when switching apps.

For some registration processes, you will need a TAN or a code from the respective bank. Therefore, you will have to switch to another app or browser. For Android users, this can lead to the registration process being cancelled. If this happens, please use the Task Manager in the Android navigation bar for switching between the apps.

I have a wish for a function that is not yet supported.

We are always working on improving stämps, and are grateful for good communication with our partners. If you have any ideas or wishes for new functions, we are happy to hear them, discuss them and think about how to implement them in a reasonable way.

Partner Portal

How do I create a bonus card?

In the partner portal, you will find the point "Bonus Cards". Click on [+] to start designing a new bonus card.

How do I publish a campaign or a voucher?

Via the point "Actions" in the partner portal, you can, similar to posts in socal media, post texts, images and vouchers. Here you can also set, who you want to send these posts to, and if the users should also receive a push notification.

How do I set up a shop?

If you want to create a shop, please write us a mail, and we well help you to digitize your menu.

How do I send scratch cards?

The point "Gamification“ in the partner portal gives you the opportunity to send out scratch cards to all stämps users. Please be aware that there are no blanks—every scratch card wins the prize that you have set.

Where can I see the analysis?

In the overview, you can find several tiles that analyze how the app is being used.