Bonus Cards


With stämps, we make customer loyalty a thing of today.
Wave goodbye to paper chaos in your purse and lost rewards.

Collect stamps on your smart phone super conveniently—
completely without registration or storage of personal data.

We Like it Regional.

stämps is more than just a collection of bonus cards.
It's your direct line to your favourite spots.

Always stay up to date, and receive rewards, personal vouchers or invitations to events, everything without compromises in privacy matters.

Become a stämps partner

Simple App,
Lots of Potential.

Our partners get access to a platform with plenty of functions that are all based on a simple idea: Building up steady customers by rewarding their loyalty.

Despite countless possibilities on the back end, stämps is dead easy and just as simple to use as a paper card—Both for the customers and our partners.

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