Now, creating your own
digital bonus card is super easy.

How does it work?

With our online editor, you can create your own bonus card within only a few minutes. Your card will appear in the stämps app right away, where your customers can download it.

The bonus cards in our app are exactly like those made of paper, just on the smartphone – thanks to our wooden NFC stamp.

Instead of stressing the environment as well as your wallet, you can stamp directly on the customer’s smartphone – No need to print paper cards or reorder stamp ink.

Via your digital bonus card, you can also stay in touch with your customers: Send vouchers or announcements, and always have an eye on your bonus cards. All that without any compromises in privacy.


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Become a stämps member

Get Your Own stämps Bonus Card in 4 Steps:

registration as a stämps partner

1. Register

To be a part of stämps, please register your business here.
You can take part as a restaurant, shop, service provider etc.

starter set with wooden NFC stamp and promotion material

2. Get the Starter Set

After the registration, we will send you everything you need for stamping: a configurated NFC stamp, instructions, info cards and promo material.

creating a digital bonus card for the stämps app

3. Create Your Bonus Card

With our design editor, you can create one or more bonus cards for your business. Your card will appear in the app straight away, ready to be stamped.

stamping the bonus card on the smartphone with an NFC stamp

4. Let’s Go!

Time to stamp! With the wooden NFC stamp from the starter set, you can "stamp" the stämps app on the customers’ phone, and discover everything else that stämps has to offer.

Become a stämps member

Gain From All the Benefits:

More Interaction

When you stamp a customer’s smartphone for the first time, your bonus card will be downloaded onto their device. Although the app doesn't collect any personal data, you can address your customers via your bonus card in the app, and inform them with a push message about your menu, special actions or vouchers.

More Communication

You can reach your customers with stämps in a short time. Thereby, you can also choose segments, like writing messages to your hardcore fans, or customers that have never been there.

More New Customers

In the stämps app, all partners are shown on a map and in a list. By downloading your bonus card, the user "subscribes" to you and can receive messages and news from your business, without even having been there in person yet.

More Flexibility

Unlike bonus cards made of paper, your bonus cards in stämps are available within seconds, don't have to be printed out, and are appealing, simple and easily designed. Integrating them into your workflow is just as easy as with paper cards.

More Privacy

stämps users don't have to register or login. stämps doesn't collect, analyse or evaluate any personal data, and relies on the top digital safety standards.

More Analysis

In your dashboard, you can view how many bonus cards are circulating, how many stamps have been given, the date and time and much more. Every month, you also get a list of the rewards you have given out, for your internal billing.

Pay Only What You Need.

stämps is free in the first 2 months. In this time period, you can try every function that stämps has to offer – with the Perfäct Pack. You only pay the starter set fee*.
After the test phase, you can flexibly book the modules that you need. And if you do change your mind: You can cancel your subscription on a monthly basis.

*The starter set costs onetime from 30 € plus shipping.

Bsic Pack

For everyone who wants to switch from paper bonus cards to digital bonus cards.

  • Design bonus card
  • Distribute stamps
5 €/ month

our most inexpensive choice

Btter Pack

For everyone who would also like to connect with their customers. Communicate with everyone who owns your bonus card over the app, and analyze your customers’ stamping behavior.

  • Design bonus card
  • Distribute stamps
  • Spread special actions
  • Analysis toolbox
10 €/ month

our most popular choice

Perfct Pack

The package for all who want to do even more marketing. Give a gift to your current customers and find new ones with coupons, vouchers and tombolas.

  • Design bonus card
  • Distribute stamps
  • Spread special actions
  • Analysis toolbox
  • Coupons & tombolas
  • Send vouchers
15 €/ month

highest outreach

Shop Module

Do you want to offer a shop for delivery, preordering or table service besides your bonus card? We set it up for you completely, so your customers can easily order and pay your products via the stämps app.

+5 €/ month

further bonus cards: +5 € per card / month

Please contact us for branch prices.
All prices include shipping costs (Germany 5.50 €, EU countries 15.40 €, other countries according to expenditure) and the currently applicable statutory VAT.

Become a stämps member

Everything at a Glance.

In the member brochure we have summarized the most important information for you.

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