It's time to
stamp now.


Your personal bonus card.
Ready in 5 minutes.

As a company you can log in to our partner portal and create your individual bonus card within a few clicks. And thanks to our app, your customers can carry your card with them wherever they go.


Loyality is rewarded!
Both sides benefit.

Build regular customers by rewarding loyalty with sharing digital stamps. By stamping regularly, customers can earn great bonuses and participate in exclusive offers.

Stamping connects.


Easy usage.
Joy for all.

Customers can collect stamps by going out to eat together or getting a haircut for example. As a provider, you can communicate with your stämpers through our app. As well as you can send updates, bonuses, personalized gifts or promotions. All without compromising on privacy.

By using the stämps app, stämpers have your bonus card always with them!

Anyone can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. When stamping for the first time, the matching bonus card is automatically added to the app. Users can also discover other stores and companies via the integrated city map.

Mit der stämps-App haben Stämpler deine Bonuskarte immer dabei!

Die stämps-App ist für jede:n kostenfrei im App Store/ Google Play zugänglich. Einfach in der Karte die passende Bonuskarte heraussuchen und das Stempeln kann losgehen!


Keep your customers
on track:







You can hand out gifts, run special promotions or let users participate in a raffle. There are no limits to the gamification features.

The usage
is anonymous:

Your customers don't have to register anywhere! They just have to download the app. No personal data will be collected.

Die Benutzung
erfolgt anonym:

Die stämps-App ist für jede:n kostenfrei im App Store/ Google Play zugänglich. Einfach in der Karte die passende Bonuskarte heraussuchen und das Stempeln kann losgehen!

Personal assistance.


We are looking forward to bring your personal ideas to life. We are also happy to receive suggestions and ideas for improving or expanding our concept. We can be reached by phone or mail.



A cash register system that is directly connected to the store that can be used in the app. Product lists can be easily imported. Addipos is a sales partner of stämps.

Partus Communication GmbH is a marketing and sales agency located in Kiel and acts as a sales partner of stämps.

Panopixxo is an online marketing- und sales agency located in Saarbrücken. It acts as a sales partner of stämps as well.