Bonus Cards
For Everyone.


Do you own a business? Then, regular guests are most valuable.
With stämps, you can design your own bonus card within minutes—
And thanks to our app, your customers always have them in their pocket!

All Inclusive:
Mini Shop.

With stämps, you can not only reward your loyal customers. One of our additional services is your own mini shop inside the app. No matter if you need delivery service, seat ordering or pre-ordering: You always pay 5 € per month—no partial costs, like with other providers.

Do you want your guests to be able to order via app?

Speisekarte, die als digitale Version dargestellt wird

Then, stämps is the easiest and most inexpensive solution for you.

As a partner, you have your own bonus card in our stämps app—And for only 5 € per month, you can add a mini shop.

With our online editor, you can easily add your food menu, your products or your services to your digital bonus card. Your customers will be able to order, and even pay via stämps right away.

The shop module also makes seat ordering possible—Find out more about the table service option below.

You can find more information about our prices here.

Reaching Out to the Right Ones.

The virtual back of your bonus card is your playground:
Inform your customers about the weekly menu, send gifts to special customers, or catch attention from those who haven't visited you for a long time with a special discount.

From pen pals to acquiring personnel

Your bonus card is your own digital space—design and equip it to your own needs. Send your customers information, special actions, vouchers and news, and you can be sure that your communication will always reach the right ones.

Or use it to find new personnel exactly where people know and love your business: Within seconds, your customers know that you are offering jobs in your store.

When you post something on your bonus card, you can always choose the right target group: A 20% voucher for everyone who hasn’t stamped in the last 3 months, and a wine tasting invitation for your best customers? With stämps, you always reach the right ones.

Staff advertising in the stämps app

You’re hiring?

Place an ad for your job offer on the stämps main page – totally free for our partners! This is our contribution to a vivid service industry.

If you are interested, please write us to

From App
to Table.

With the seat ordering function in stämps, your customers can order their food right from the table, and even pay for it without any additional fees. This takes weight from your waiters’ shoulders, and works against staff shortage.

Your new waiter for
just 5 € per month!

When you have your own digital bonus cards with stämps, you can add the seat ordering module for just 5 € more per month. Your guests can simply order their meal via app, and if desired also pay for it straight away. This does not only take pressure from your employees, you can also react to price or product changes much more flexible.

Included in the price are QR codes, which you can mark your tables with. Your customers can scan those with their phones and get redirected to your menu, the table number gets filled in automatically, and they are ready to order.

You can also choose to rent a receipt printer for 10 € per month that prints every order from the app instantly, thanks to our in-house developed software.

Find more information to our seat ordering module here.

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